Cynthia Chioco, Psy.D.



Children/Adolescents and Their Families, Adults (primarily women of all ages), Pre-Married and Married Couples 



Blue Cross Blue Shield & HealthChoice



My approach to counseling marries my Christian faith with my education and training in psychology.  I believe that a true approach to Christian counseling is Christ-centered, biblically-based, and acknowledges and invites the work of the Holy Spirit.  The idea that many problem behaviors stem from problem thinking resonates with me.  In order to effect emotional healing and behavior change, I seek to help individuals transform their faulty thinking patterns and mistaken belief systems by looking to and relying on biblical truth.  As a Christian counselor, my primary goal is not just to help individuals feel and function better, but also to help them know God and to have a deep and abiding relationship with Him.  And from this CENTRAL relationship will flow the selfless love, compassion, grace and forgiveness necessary to having healthy, fulfilling and thriving marriages, families and communities.



I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology before going on to earn my Doctor of Psychology degree from Baylor University.  Having always had a passion for children and their well-being, I pursued specialized training to work with youth and their families at the Medical College of Virginia-Virginia Treatment Center for Children.  I also have extensive training and experience working with adults.  Since 1993, I have practiced as a licensed psychologist in a variety of settings that include hospitals, residential treatment centers and private practice.  Along with my partners, Donnie Van Curen, LMFT and Marty Loberg, LPC, we established NewPath 12:2 Christian Counseling in 2015.


It is never too late to find emotional healing. I know this because it happened to me. For a significant portion of my childhood, I experienced profound emotional and mild physical abuse. As a child, I was bound by fear, and as an adult, shame kept me a prisoner. I doubted the validity of my feelings. The low opinion I had of myself wouldn’t allow me to share this pain that I had carried for 60 years. I had been a Christ follower since childhood.  Throughout my life, I earnestly prayed and asked for release from this pain. I knew the truth of God’s love and grace for me, but that truth always seemed to fall short of truly taking root in my heart. Finally, through a series of life changes, I found myself unable to ignore this pain any longer. My journey took me to New Path 12:2 Christian Counseling.  Through the gentle spirit and professional knowledge of Dr. Cynthia Chioco, I learned to finally be free. Each week, her patience and kindness helped me to feel accepted. She spoke Biblical truth to my brokenness and enabled me to fully believe that I am God‘s child! Dr. Chioco taught me positive strategies that allow me to continue on this path of faith and healing. I urge you. Do not carry your burdens and fears alone. Let the love of God illuminate your heart and transform your mind through His truth. I believe the counselors at New Path are God’s ministers of grace. They will partner with you on this most important journey of your life.  -- Female Client

My marital counseling experience with Cynthia was an amazing time of growth. Her ability to listen, hear the root of the issue and gently point you toward truth is rare. Her perspective, based on experience and God’s Word was such a blessing to me and to my family. God used this time to change me. To grow me. To make me look at myself in ways I probably never would have. Cynthia was so instrumental in that. The way she personally invests in her clients shows she is more than a counselor, this is a ministry for her.  --Female Client

Miss Cynthia was very nice. She helped me though a hard time. Anything that you need to talk about, she is always there. She is loving and caring and is someone I really trust. I had fun with her. --Female Child Client



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